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I love how primetime sitcoms had those episodes where they tried teaching lessons about alcohol and drugs and self esteem and peer pressure and ahhhh good shit man. 

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Feeling as though I’m watching myself live. Watching myself go through the motions. Like my skin isn’t my own anymore.

working on several projects at once is making me feel very scatter brained. 

working on a trend forecast 

working on creating your own store 

building my portfolio for my exit interview for industry exploration seminar 

editing my final paper for research and analysis

creating a workbook for business spreadsheets 

i need to get my shit together. 

but shout outs to me for having all a’s and b’s and working two jobs, taking seven classes, and commuting to school 





This skirt is mad short and I feel like I’m in a porno???


i’m only doing this school thing until my rap demo blows up

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pose like a dog.